A comedy by Frank Strausser

Having hit the wall in her relationship, Lily's in crisis and her would-be fiancé Philip refuses to do couples therapy with her. But her hot young ex-boyfriend Dorian will. When Philip walks in on them at therapy together, a very awkward session follows in which therapist Nancy Winston must untangle the kinks. Psycho Therapy explores the interchanagibilty of lovers. Would it be any different if we went to therapy with someone else? Frank Strausser's insanely entertaining comedy, which has had three separate productions in the West End and Off Broadway, opens the door to an unconventional option - couples therapy for three. It was so popular with audiences, Goldstar awarded it Roar of the Crowd, meaning it was their highest member-rated show in New York. MORE

A four hander, the play is easy to stage and a sure audience pleaser.

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